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About Gosiewski family:

The 'Gosiewski' pages have been here since 1998. Unfortunately only in Polish. Many people (especially from the US) were asking me for the translation - I have started the work and translated some basic parts. 

It is however not so simple to translate all the texts. First of all I do not have enough time to do both a historical research and to translate it. Many texts are regularily updated and it wouldn't make sense to keep two language versions. Additionally many ancrestal texts are uneasy to translate for non profesional (or non native speaker). 

Right now, unfortunately, most texts are still not translated so you will find them in polish, also on the english version of the pages

All serious historical materials and essays are not translated so please treat the articles below as a summary of basic facts about the family. If you can help me with translation or correct my mistakes - please write to me

Contents of english version of the pages:

In the polish version of the pages there are additional materials:


Web pages of Gosiewski's

Interactive genealogical tree

Interactive tree in a form of a single page or RTF documents

I can send you the full Interactive Genalogical tree in a form of a:
* Single Web page for interactive offline viewing or
* RTF (Microsoft Word) document containing the list of all family members and their small fammily trees
* RTF (Microsoft Word) document containting full information on each person plus simple list of children & parents (this form is ideal to discuss with older people who don't understand charts).
All you have to do is send me an email with request.

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