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Conditions of use

By using the interactive tree you agree to the following conditions:

The tree can be used only for genealogical purposes. It is forbidden to use the data from the tree for any commercial purposes. It is forbidden to include the data from the pages in any database commercial or non profit without permition from the author. It is allowed to include the pages themselves in search engines and to link to the pages.

If you are incluede in the tree but you would like to be removed for any reason - please inform me - you will be immediately removed from the pages even if you will not give any reason for your decision.

I shall be not responsible for completeness, correctness of the data. This is not a database. The data has not been consulted with people listed on the pages.

You want to report errors, additions? see below.

idz do gory


The Genalogical tree consists of two parts: index where all people contained in a in the trees are listed, sorted by surname+name. The second part are the trees for each person itself. Each person has his own page with information and two trees, above and below. The ancestors tree is listed above the person data, then the information on a person itself is followed by descendants tree. .

How to read the information:

          /---grandfather etc etc ...      <---- here the ancestor's tree starts
    |    /--nie podano osoby  <---------------- the text 'nie podano osoby' indicates that there is no information
    |    |--grand-grand father                  on one of the ancestors (father or mother side) while there is information
    |--grandtfather (mother's father)           on the second one
 | /--grandmother (father's mother)
 | |--grandfather (father's father)

 PERSON - name, surname, other data       <----- start of person's data
 where did he live, spouse name etc ...

 |--syn/córka                         <----- beginning of a descendants tree
 | |--wnuk/wnuczka
 | \--wnuk/wnuczka
 \--itp / itd / etc

When you click on any particular name in the tree you are reaching the page with trees and data of this person. .


If the person is listed in the ascendands or descendants tree it means the person has his own tree. If the person's data is not followed by the tree it means I didn't have the data on that person.

idz do gory

Reporting errors, additions and extensions to the list

Please write to me including in your email the following data:
Name and surname of corrected person (number from the database if available),
Maiden name,
Where did he / she live
Few sentences what did he do (work / activities)
Please include at least enough data to be able to extinguish the person from other persons holding the same name or to find out which of those people is the person.

His wife / Her husband -> name, surname and number from the database if available.
Who was his / her father-> as above
Who was his / her mother -> as above



idz do gory

(c) by Marcin Gosiewski