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PPC Shooting - about

PPC Shooting is a freeware Pocket PC & Windows application for calculating results during shooting competition.

It was designed to be operated easily outdoors, even with gloves. It requires minimum number of button presses to calculate the results. Pressing any of the buttons on the right side (market '0' throuhg '10' adds a shot with such result to shots table for the shooter. 

You can enter real names into the the shooter information into box.

You have the option to change number of shooters, or to limmit adding the shots only to the recent round of the game.

The programm consists of a single EXE file 'PPC Shooting.exe' which is identical to all platforms. It works in the .NET environment. So the same EXE can be copied to any machine (Pocket PC or even the same exe can be run from the desktop windows environment).

Source code is available upon request. 


Programm requires .NET framework installed on Pocket PC. 


PPC_Shooting_Setup_1.0_all_platforms.exe - Windows installer for all Pocket PC platforms.

PPC_Shooting_Setup_1.0_all_platforms.zip - the same installer packed into ZIP file

readme.txt - Release notes for this version

idz do gory (c) by Marcin Gosiewski, See copyright notice