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PPC Shooting

PPC Shooting is a freeware Pocket PC & Windows application for calculating results during shooting competition.

It was designed to be operated easily outdoors, even with gloves. It requires minimum number of button presses to calculate the results. Pressing any of the buttons on the right side (market '0' throuhg '10' adds a shot with such result to shots table for the shooter. .

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Application for displaying output from NMEA or SIRFBINARY based GPS device. It has autodetection of data format (so it works both in NMEA or SIRF with on the fly detection). It can display statistics and data panel for cockpit use. Cockpit mode includes history graphs for speed and altitude. Programm is able to tweak GPS receivers by changing the operation mode or resetting the device. It can save output from GPS to a dump file and save comprehensive debug information

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